I'm going to relate a typical form of punishment my Husband gives me.

I occasionally make my Husband upset. It's for all the same reasons a husband will get upset at his wife. Why I've made him upset or disagreeable really doesn't matter. It's how he punishes me.

He withholds sex from me.

The longest amount of time he has withheld sex from me was for over one month. That was difficult for me. I missed giving my Husband the wifely duty of sex. He was still very loving with me, but when he got into bed with me, he would kiss me on the forehead and then he would begin to pleasure himself. I wasn't even allowed to touch him. It was torture to lay there, with him giving himself pleasure. I've often softly cried myself to sleep in such a way. If he was with his lovers, he would deny me the pleasure of cleaning his cock afterward and he would refuse to tell me how she had been. Often, I wouldn't even know if he had been with his lovers. But sometimes, if he was giving himself self-pleasure, he would often talk about his lovers, that would be the only way I would know he had made love with someone else.

I'm not allowed to give myself self-pleasure and truth be told, even if I was, self-pleasure does nothing for me. So you can imagine how hard this punishment truly is.

As a result, I never repeat whatever it was that has made my Husband upset.


Anonymous said...

This is some fucked up shit.

Anonymous said...

Fucking amazing though

Spring said...

that's delicious!