Early mistakes

One Friday night, my Husband and I were woken by the ringing of the phone. It was one of his lovers. She was lonely and wanted to know if he could come over. It was around midnight. He told her that he could come over. He got out of bed and took a shower, washing me off of him from when we had made love earlier. (My Husband never goes to his lovers with any traces of me on him)

I dressed him and walked him to the door. He kissed me and told me not to wait up. I went to lay back in bed to go to sleep. I usually don't go to sleep when my Husband is out. I'm much to excited. But on this night, I was tired and I was soon asleep.

I awoke at 8 am and noticed my Husband was not in bed with me. I got up and walked through our house and when I didn't see him, I checked the garage. His vehicle was still gone.

He finally called me later that morning. He told me he would be spending the weekend with his lover and he wouldn't call again. He told me he loved me and he would see me Sunday evening.

I spent the rest of the weekend not doing much. I shopped and had lunch and dinner with friends. I watched too much television. I was just wasting time until Sunday.

When he came through the door Sunday evening, he was glowing. A huge smile plastered on his face. I greeted him with a kiss and he quickly drug me to our bedroom. He didn't even allow me the privilege to clean him.

We made love for 3 straight hours.

They had gone to a local hotel in the city. They went to the spa (she had never been to one), he took her to a nice restaurant and then to a play. He told me all the intimate details of their whirlwind trip.

She called later that evening. She wanted him to come back over. He was exhausted at this point and had work in the morning and he told her perhaps tomorrow.

She relentlessly called him at work.

Even after he had told her not to.

He went to see her after work and they had sex. When he got home, he told me she wanted to be a regular. This was not unusual for him. He has many regular lovers. What was unusual was that she requested she be his only.

My Husband lied to her.

My Husband carried on that she was his only for well over a year. Of course he told her what she wanted to hear. That he doesn't fuck his wife anymore. That he doesn't fuck his other lovers anymore.

She came over to our house one night so I could watch her and my Husband make love. Now remember, my Husband had lied to her. He wasn't fucking me anymore or so she thought. She went all out for herself, trying to make me jealous. She thought I would break when my Husband had me clean his cock. I took it one step further and placed my mouth on her cunt and began to suck my Husband's cum out of her. It was at that point my Husband became aroused again and began to make love to me.

She got angry and left in a hurry. She stopped all contact with my Husband. Seems she had been under the delusion that the weekend trip coupled with my Husband's lies of her being his only meant that he would all hers. My Husband learned from this mistake, and since has been upfront about his lovers relationships only being sexual in nature. He still takes his lovers on weekend trips, but with the full disclosure that the relationship will not progress beyond anything sexual.

Anytime it seems one of his lovers is developing feelings or would like the relationship to grow further, he ends it. He has learned from the lesson of our early journey.

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