Today was an unusually busy day for me. I had so much to get done and just a few hours to do it. Around 5 p.m. my husband called to let me know he was on his way home from work and was his car finished?

I had completely forgotten to take his car in to get the oil changed. I told him no, I had forgotten it while I was busy with other things and he hung up the phone, obviously angry at me.

When he came home, he made me strip. I obeyed him and for the remainder of the evening, I was naked. After we had ate our dinner and I cleaned the kitchen, he called me over to him. He told me it was time for my spanking and I knew immediately what to do. I draped myself over his knees and he spanked me a total of 5 times. These are hard spanks, mind you, not soft ones. The imprint of his hand is still quite clear, the welts are red and raised.

He asked if I would forget his car tomorrow and I told him no. Then he ordered me to get him a drink and to run his shower for him.

He withheld intercourse from me tonight too. I was, however, allowed to give him oral sex and bring him to orgasm, but I was denied the gift of swallowing his cum. After I made sure he was comfortable and asleep, I promptly wrote down that I was to get the oil changed in his car tomorrow.

I can still feel the stings of his spanking and I do not want a repeat tomorrow night.

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