As I write this, I hear the distinct noise coming from the bedroom of my husband making love to another woman. Her moans mingle with his. The bed creaking.

I have a slight edge of jealousy right now. I want to be in there, pleasuring my husband, not her. But he didn't want me to please him tonight, he wanted her.

I must deal with this the only way I can. I push it as far away as I can.

It's been almost 6 weeks since my husband last had me. He has been with this current woman for those weeks. I really want to smack the look she gives me when she emerges from my marital bed. But my husband reminds me she is nothing more than a fuck for him. A vessel for which he inserts his penis. He chuckles at my jealousy.

But he confided in me last night that he was growing tired of her. Tonight will be their last night together. I am slightly relieved at this news. Husband has promised me that I will be able to pleasure him soon. He misses me and my touch on his body.

My jealousy is instantly removed.


Today was an unusually busy day for me. I had so much to get done and just a few hours to do it. Around 5 p.m. my husband called to let me know he was on his way home from work and was his car finished?

I had completely forgotten to take his car in to get the oil changed. I told him no, I had forgotten it while I was busy with other things and he hung up the phone, obviously angry at me.

When he came home, he made me strip. I obeyed him and for the remainder of the evening, I was naked. After we had ate our dinner and I cleaned the kitchen, he called me over to him. He told me it was time for my spanking and I knew immediately what to do. I draped myself over his knees and he spanked me a total of 5 times. These are hard spanks, mind you, not soft ones. The imprint of his hand is still quite clear, the welts are red and raised.

He asked if I would forget his car tomorrow and I told him no. Then he ordered me to get him a drink and to run his shower for him.

He withheld intercourse from me tonight too. I was, however, allowed to give him oral sex and bring him to orgasm, but I was denied the gift of swallowing his cum. After I made sure he was comfortable and asleep, I promptly wrote down that I was to get the oil changed in his car tomorrow.

I can still feel the stings of his spanking and I do not want a repeat tomorrow night.



I'm going to relate a typical form of punishment my Husband gives me.

I occasionally make my Husband upset. It's for all the same reasons a husband will get upset at his wife. Why I've made him upset or disagreeable really doesn't matter. It's how he punishes me.

He withholds sex from me.

The longest amount of time he has withheld sex from me was for over one month. That was difficult for me. I missed giving my Husband the wifely duty of sex. He was still very loving with me, but when he got into bed with me, he would kiss me on the forehead and then he would begin to pleasure himself. I wasn't even allowed to touch him. It was torture to lay there, with him giving himself pleasure. I've often softly cried myself to sleep in such a way. If he was with his lovers, he would deny me the pleasure of cleaning his cock afterward and he would refuse to tell me how she had been. Often, I wouldn't even know if he had been with his lovers. But sometimes, if he was giving himself self-pleasure, he would often talk about his lovers, that would be the only way I would know he had made love with someone else.

I'm not allowed to give myself self-pleasure and truth be told, even if I was, self-pleasure does nothing for me. So you can imagine how hard this punishment truly is.

As a result, I never repeat whatever it was that has made my Husband upset.


Early mistakes

One Friday night, my Husband and I were woken by the ringing of the phone. It was one of his lovers. She was lonely and wanted to know if he could come over. It was around midnight. He told her that he could come over. He got out of bed and took a shower, washing me off of him from when we had made love earlier. (My Husband never goes to his lovers with any traces of me on him)

I dressed him and walked him to the door. He kissed me and told me not to wait up. I went to lay back in bed to go to sleep. I usually don't go to sleep when my Husband is out. I'm much to excited. But on this night, I was tired and I was soon asleep.

I awoke at 8 am and noticed my Husband was not in bed with me. I got up and walked through our house and when I didn't see him, I checked the garage. His vehicle was still gone.

He finally called me later that morning. He told me he would be spending the weekend with his lover and he wouldn't call again. He told me he loved me and he would see me Sunday evening.

I spent the rest of the weekend not doing much. I shopped and had lunch and dinner with friends. I watched too much television. I was just wasting time until Sunday.

When he came through the door Sunday evening, he was glowing. A huge smile plastered on his face. I greeted him with a kiss and he quickly drug me to our bedroom. He didn't even allow me the privilege to clean him.

We made love for 3 straight hours.

They had gone to a local hotel in the city. They went to the spa (she had never been to one), he took her to a nice restaurant and then to a play. He told me all the intimate details of their whirlwind trip.

She called later that evening. She wanted him to come back over. He was exhausted at this point and had work in the morning and he told her perhaps tomorrow.

She relentlessly called him at work.

Even after he had told her not to.

He went to see her after work and they had sex. When he got home, he told me she wanted to be a regular. This was not unusual for him. He has many regular lovers. What was unusual was that she requested she be his only.

My Husband lied to her.

My Husband carried on that she was his only for well over a year. Of course he told her what she wanted to hear. That he doesn't fuck his wife anymore. That he doesn't fuck his other lovers anymore.

She came over to our house one night so I could watch her and my Husband make love. Now remember, my Husband had lied to her. He wasn't fucking me anymore or so she thought. She went all out for herself, trying to make me jealous. She thought I would break when my Husband had me clean his cock. I took it one step further and placed my mouth on her cunt and began to suck my Husband's cum out of her. It was at that point my Husband became aroused again and began to make love to me.

She got angry and left in a hurry. She stopped all contact with my Husband. Seems she had been under the delusion that the weekend trip coupled with my Husband's lies of her being his only meant that he would all hers. My Husband learned from this mistake, and since has been upfront about his lovers relationships only being sexual in nature. He still takes his lovers on weekend trips, but with the full disclosure that the relationship will not progress beyond anything sexual.

Anytime it seems one of his lovers is developing feelings or would like the relationship to grow further, he ends it. He has learned from the lesson of our early journey.


Why we choose this lifestyle:How our life works

If you saw us on the street, we would look like any other married couple. We are completely, 100% in love with each other. We are each others soulmates.

I don't call my Husband "Master". He isn't my master. He is my Husband. I submit myself to him, but he does not own me. Although I am his.

We are actually very vanilla. My Husband doesn't see his lovers every night; there have been times he has gone weeks without being with a lover.

I stay at home. I cook, clean, I wait on my husband. If you could imagine a perfect 50's housewife, that is me.

This has nothing to do with religion.

My Husband has a very high sex drive. I cannot possibly satisfy his sexual needs. After a few years of frustration on both sides, we came to the conclusion that he needed extra curricular sexual partners.

This turns me on almost as much as it does for him. Knowing he is at some woman's house, giving her pleasure and knowing she is giving my Husband pleasure is incredibly arousing. If I am allowed the rare opportunity to watch my husband make love to another woman, I am mesmerized by watching him caress her body, kiss her, fondle her, have sex with her. I love to watch another woman kiss my Husband's mouth or watch her gently take his cock into her mouth or the way she will part her legs for him to slide between. I love the sounds of my Husband making love to another woman, the gentle kisses, the soft moans and groans.

When he comes home from being with a lover, I inhale him deeply. I can often smell her perfume on his body. Sometimes, she will leave behind scratches or hickeys. These passion marks on my Husband. I can smell her pussy on his mouth, finger and cock as I clean them with my mouth.

When he comes home from his lovers, he is still hard and the sex we have is amazing. He will often tell me how she was, what they did, how she pleased him.

Sometimes, my Husband will cum in me. Sometimes, if he is disappointed in me, he will pull out and cum on my stomach or face. He always cums in his lovers.

My Husband has had a vasectomy.

My Husband will use rubbers if his lover wishes. Otherwise, he goes bareback (this is most of the time). I buy my Husband the extra thin condoms if he needs them for a tryst.

His lovers are mostly fat women or married women. In 20 years, we have never dealt with an STD.

We've had one woman claim my Husband made her pregnant 17 years ago. She didn't know my husband had a vasectomy. When she was told of this, she dropped her claim. But we've since found out since my Husband fucked her not long after his vasectomy, the child could be his. A secret DNA test between the woman and my Husband did confirm my Husband's paternity. She declined any monetary support since her son had been adopted as an infant by her newlywed husband and for the fact she didn't want to mess up their father/son dynamic they have. Knowing my Husband made a child with another woman. . .a hard thing for me to come to terms with BUT I am a true cuckquean in the sense that my Husband having another child with someone else is a huge turn on for me.

My Husband loves to fuck me and says I have the best pussy of all his lovers.

My Husband will not give me oral unless it is a special occasion. He will service his lovers though. I give my Husband oral sex when he requests it.

My Husband picks out my clothes and underwear. I wear conservative clothes. I have to keep my body in shape for him. If I gain weight, I am punished and put on a diet. I've never weighed over 120 lbs. I've also received breast augmentation to attain the perfect breasts my Husband requires of his wife. I am not allowed to cut my hair above my shoulders. I must always be with mascara and lipstick. I must keep my pubic area groomed in such a way that is pleasing for my Husband. My legs and underarms must always be waxed. I must do daily vaginal exercises to keep my vaginal walls as tight as the day we were married.

My Husband gives me a very nice lifestyle. I have a wonderful home, a nice car, vacations, spending money. It is the least that I can do for all his hard work that his home life be as comfortable for him as possible.

This is our life.


3 hours

Waiting for my Husband to get home. I've made sure the house is tidy. I've prepared my body. Shaved, showered. Applied lotion. I've climbed naked under the clean sheets and my heart beat begins to pick up. He's been gone for almost 3 hours now, he will be finishing up things more than likely. He usually spends about 3 hours with his lovers.

I can hear his truck pulling into the garage and the growing anticipation is about to consume me. As I can hear him coming down the hallway to our bedroom, my heart races and I'm sure it will burst from my chest. He opens the door to our bedroom and I immediately rush out of bed to him. I remove his shirt and drop to my knees. I undo his pants and pull them down and then off of him.

I can smell his lover on him.

I take him into my mouth to clean him while he tells me how he gave his lover pleasure and how she pleased him, how good it felt to cum deep in her. I don't stop my licking or sucking until he releases himself in my mouth.

I can also please my Husband.

My Husband hasn't had sex with me in 4 days. He is punishing me. I forgot to bake his favorite bread. It displeased him. His punishment is not only withholding sex, but giving his cum to his lovers instead of his wife.

This is one of the harshest things a husband can do to his submissive wife. A husband should only cum inside his wife. When he withholds it from her and gives it to others, it is just as harsh as a slap on the face.

He will begin to pleasure me after tonight. By allowing me to swallow him, he showed me that.

He gently picks me up and carries me to the bed. We crawl under the covers and snuggle up to each other and as he kisses me on the lips, he tells me he loves me.

And this is how another night ends in the life this submissive wife.