3 hours

Waiting for my Husband to get home. I've made sure the house is tidy. I've prepared my body. Shaved, showered. Applied lotion. I've climbed naked under the clean sheets and my heart beat begins to pick up. He's been gone for almost 3 hours now, he will be finishing up things more than likely. He usually spends about 3 hours with his lovers.

I can hear his truck pulling into the garage and the growing anticipation is about to consume me. As I can hear him coming down the hallway to our bedroom, my heart races and I'm sure it will burst from my chest. He opens the door to our bedroom and I immediately rush out of bed to him. I remove his shirt and drop to my knees. I undo his pants and pull them down and then off of him.

I can smell his lover on him.

I take him into my mouth to clean him while he tells me how he gave his lover pleasure and how she pleased him, how good it felt to cum deep in her. I don't stop my licking or sucking until he releases himself in my mouth.

I can also please my Husband.

My Husband hasn't had sex with me in 4 days. He is punishing me. I forgot to bake his favorite bread. It displeased him. His punishment is not only withholding sex, but giving his cum to his lovers instead of his wife.

This is one of the harshest things a husband can do to his submissive wife. A husband should only cum inside his wife. When he withholds it from her and gives it to others, it is just as harsh as a slap on the face.

He will begin to pleasure me after tonight. By allowing me to swallow him, he showed me that.

He gently picks me up and carries me to the bed. We crawl under the covers and snuggle up to each other and as he kisses me on the lips, he tells me he loves me.

And this is how another night ends in the life this submissive wife.


Anonymous said...

It is nice to know I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

Wish my wife is that submissive and all, shes totally ok about D/s but spanking i said others do it but hell no she'll kick my ass never really tried it but i'm going to...shes an obedient and loving thougj

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